Over the hill with Tim Andrews

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Couple of months ago I received an e-mail from Tim Andrews, a guy with Parkinson disease. He’s been on a photographic journey for 6 years and had been photographed by over 300 photographers. Images along with stories about meeting with different people are published in his blog. He also does exhibitions and was already exhibited in National Portrait Gallery for Taylor Wessing. I found the project really inspiring and decide to meet and photograph Tim. Tim is a lovely person who in my opinion found a courage to look his sickness into the eyes and managed to see something good in it. He told me he thinks it was a price he had to pay for his freedom. All of his life he has been working as a lawyer (oh, how i can understand what he means by that as i spent 3 years of my life doing the same thing) and only now gets to do something more creative and exciting. One of my ideas was to cover Tim with glitter as he is shining through the darkness into the light. Everything is shot on long exposure in a dark studio and I paint with light as though using a paintbrush. I do not use Photoshop in any of myartworks all the effects are purely photographic, so each artwork is unique and cannot be replicated.

That’s what Tim wrote in his blog: http://timandrewsoverthehill.blogspot.co.uk/2015/05/back-to-front-by-mila-nesterova.html

So here’s the shoot:



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